FAMILY MEMBERS don’t listen to me…

Family members don’t listen to me… and it’s too late to swap my birth family (LOL). What to do?

I know once I can convince my folks to follow my nutritional recommendation or lifestyle, I can convince the rest of the word. Help!

2 thoughts on “FAMILY MEMBERS don’t listen to me…

  1. I think it is easier to start with the world. Family will take note once they see the success stories from others taking your advice.

    I think it is difficult for family members (especially parents) to accept that you, in this instance, now know more than them. And like ANY of our clients, making changes takes time. Maybe they start with just drinking more water for a few weeks before any other new concepts can be introduced. I know there are a few changes I still struggle with for myself and I am the Holistic Nutritonist!

  2. Try to engage them and bring things up when there’s a time and place. I think its really important to not ‘preach’ but speak in a very neutral/non-judgemental manner… very neutral… esp. with family. Cooking together is the best way to get them involved or make them a meal they can’t resist! Or take them to a restaurant that has healthy options. Show them how to make a morning smoothie or overnight oats/chia pudding. Every time you visit them try to cook a simple but healthy meal. Look at cook books together. Watch some YouTube videos.

    Bring your homemade and healthy additions to potlucks for everyone to try. (This where the competition to make better recipes occurs naturally.. and encourages others in your family to contribute/explore recipes and try new things!) Small steps.

    If you’re trying to get them to do a case study do it with them…
    But perhaps it is easier to start with others. And gain experience how to approach and involve different types of people.
    Seeing is believing. Hopefully if your family sees you succeeding with yourself/others, they will eventually take interest and follow.

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