ONCE IN A WHILE one might indulge or succumb to junk or sinful food (designated by R.H.N. angels :) or social pressure…….

Once in a while one might indulge or succumb to junk or sinful food (designated by R.H.N. angels :)) or social pressure.

Recount  your yielding moment or incident……our stories may even help or motivate clients to persevere……. seeing  we are all humans.

6 thoughts on “ONCE IN A WHILE one might indulge or succumb to junk or sinful food (designated by R.H.N. angels :) or social pressure…….

  1. Succumb? Sinful?

    I think we need to stay away from judgment and focus on the when and where.

    I try to instill in my children the difference between ‘food’ and ‘nonfood’. Food is what we eat everyday. Nonfood is what we eat at parties. I find making this clear distinction as to WHEN we eat ‘sinful’ foods makes those foods less covetess and more a situationally appropriate choice. Narrowing this further if you find yourself terrible popular and invited to many parties 🙂

    1. To clarify, the classification of non food may have to narrow if you are invited to a lot of parties or perhaps during the holidays

  2. We can try to make the ‘best’ choices given the circumstances… Whether at a restaurant, party or social event/gathering of sorts or on our own… we must be able to deduce what options are available and make the best choice at that moment. Listen to our bodies, intuition, and with the knowledge/experience we have gained to come up with the best decision possible. Even if it is not the best decision possible, we learn through experience, good and bad, how to make better choices. In other words: If there’s a crack in the road and we keep tripping over it.. eventually we will learn to walk around it 🙂 Feeling good just feels better !
    I agree with the previous reply in that it is important to eliminate judgment or self-guilt… because that is a causation for negative health effects in itself. It doesn’t do any good to fret over what we have decided to partake in.
    Be grateful for the knowledge and experience that we are enlightened with.. Make the best choices and share what we know when we can, and overcome and evolve from the not so great choices that we make anyways. If we have chosen to partake in what we know might/will have negative effects upon our health… we have at least gained how to deal with the repercussions of it… aiding our bodies in the detoxification of it until we are ready to eliminate it all together or for the most part.
    Ignorance is not bliss; knowledge/experience of the seemingly ‘negative’ does not have to be painful or guilty when partaken in, our knowledge should be embraced and applied whenever we are feeling graced to do so. Every little bit helps…. And angels aren’t perfect, we’re just here to put the pieces together 🙂 Bless

    1. Also, in Holistic Nutrition, it is important to be passionate about cooking and preparing your own food.. We can always bring our own food to parties, or at least bring something to compliment. Potlucks are wonderful, it is my mission and passion in life to share new creative and healthy recipes /ways of eating with other people.. and so the best way to have healthy eating at gatherings is to be prepared and bring some veggies with you, or some digestive enzymes, a smoothie etc.. Or host a potluck or meal you have prepared yourself to show others just how amazing food can be 🙂 Cheers

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