Action required: Petition to Ont Govt!

The recent online petition initiated by CAHN-Pro put into the public domain a counter position to the online petition started to promote the Ontario Dietitian’s position that they should have sole use of the word “nutritionist”, and that the word “registered” be legally regulated. CAHN-Pro’s petition demonstrates outstanding awareness and support for the holistic nutrition industry, now with over 5,000 online supporters. CAHN-Pro Director, Lorene Sauro, shares: “CAHN-Pro’s petition is just a piece of a much larger plan that involves submitting much more detailed information and documents that the government is looking for, in order to make our case.”

To further support our position and protect the title of “nutritionist” for our use in Ontario, the working group for CAN (Canadian Action for Nutrition)- initiated by the CANNP– has developed an additional petition. CAN’s petition will be delivered to the Ontario Government and, therefore, has specific requirements as set out by government. It is imperative that we all obtain as many signatures of Ontario practitioners and residents as possible to show the Ontario Government that we are a strong community. CAN believes this is the first step in protecting our right to call ourselves nutritionists in Ontario and, without your support, we risk losing that right.

We encourage every Ontario practitioner to print off the petition and acquire as many signatures as possible from your community (blue ink preferred). The government will only consider petitions with written signatures (not copies or electronic versions), which is why this format is so important.

When you have collected what you can, please mail the petition(s) directly to CAN at 335 St. Andrew Street East, Fergus, ON  N1M 1R3, and CANNP will compile them for presentation. Alternatively, you may take your signed petition sheet to your local CSNN branch and the branch manager will mail the petition to CAN on your behalf.

Timing is crucial, so please send all petitions to CAN by September 29. 

Download CAN’s Petition Sheet here.

For more details about CAN’s petition, please view the Petition Video.

Thank you for your continued support.